Our brief was to create a digital launch for the swipe-motion based Nokia N9 – a revolutionary mobile device. The website http://swipe.nokia.com was planned to go live three months before the actual device hits the stores.

Our challenge was to introduce a completely revolutionary way of using a mobile device without people actually being able to try it out themselves. How to create a clear benefit message of the game-changing UI to consumers?

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To whom & why?

We were asked to introduce the new revolutionary N9 device with the swipe motion -based UI to the consumers on a global scale.

One basic rule of storytelling was "show, don’t tell". This was our starting point. We had to introduce the new user interface without people being able to take the device in their hands and try it out. 

This in mind, we understood that everything had to be interactive on the site. People rarely tend to study on how new things work, so we wanted to show them.


"Swipe.nokia.com is a prime example of raising the bar on global digital product launches."Jussi Mäkinen, Digital marketing lead for Nokia N9 launch

When we opened the website after the announcement of the new device, we were hit with a flood of visitors.

Even with the unexpected record-breaking flow of visitors, the site stood strong ensuring a smooth user experience thanks to the advanced use of HTML5 and Flash.

After about 9 months, the site has been mentioned in Twitter hundreds of thousands of times. The global site has had millions of visitors and its Facebook page has tens of thousands of fans.

The average time spent on the site – more than 5 minutes! – is double the usual. So, it seems the interactive content really works.

The site has been awarded "Site of the Day" by HOW Interactive Design (September 2011) and TheFWA (January 2012). 


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